Education Expo e-Vine offers articles, stories, videos, games, activities and points to win prizes. Earn prizes, movie tickets, trips to amusement parks, and more. Join a sports camp, course for music, dancing, or swimmig with points. Redeem points to provide resources that will benefit your community.

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Read an article, complete a quiz, and earn points that can be redeemed for prizes, activities, or vital equipment for non-profit organizations.

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Your financial gifts help us attract new viewers to our library and fund non-profit community projects. All donations are tax-deductible.

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Far from housing dusty volumes on a bookshelf, e-Vine (Ventures-In-Net-Education) is committed to provide online visitors of every age and ethnicity with countless opportunities to learn and grow. You'll find in this unique library thousands of articles, stories, poetry, recipes, videos, puppet shows, children's activities, and much more.

Earn points. Get stuff.

We encourage interaction by offering incentives, such as the "point" system.


A member can "spend" their points on amusement parks, shopping, music, movie tickets, restaurants, gift cards, and more. New prizes are continually being added.


Redeem points to enroll in a sports camp (soccer, football, basketball), five-day summer camp, Y.M.C.A. membership, classes for music, dancing, swimming, poetry composition, and more.


All projects require dual funding: a financial donation from a business or individual--plus participant points. When donated funds and points are complete, e-Vine will issue a check to the non-profit organization.