How it Works:

e-Vine® has designed innovative ways for viewers to earn points. Since our goal is to attract viewers of all ages—especially children and youth, their first incentive is for ‘self-benefit.' Many popular activities that capture the attention of members may be found in our "Points-for-Prizes" and "Points-for-Activities."

But that's only the beginning! A new concept called "Points-for-Projects" encourages e-Vine® members to experience first-hand the joy of assisting others.

Points-for-Projects could very well be THE innovative new paradigm embraced by potential donors and educators—and possibly a prototype for the fundraising industry!

Any teacher, parent or well-meaning relative who has ever been coerced into buying (or selling) candy, magazines, candles, or other overpriced door-to-door items could easily become our most enthusiastic convert. Such a progressive, cutting-edge model will most likely win the attention, admiration and cooperation of corporate donors, as well as generating positive press for e-Vine®.

So forget the candy and candles. Stash the coupon books and magazine subscriptions. Get ready, get set to 'logon and learn' your way to funding the prize, activity, or project of your choice!

Points May Be Earned from Two Types of e-Vine® Publications:

  • Article (includes: lessons, stories, and puppet shows)
  • Video (includes: You Tube, how-to and training videos)

(Games, poetry, recipes, contests, puzzles, coloring pages, and children's activities have no point value and are not included in this program).

To earn points, click on an e-Vine® Learning Level at the top of the Home Page (Children, Youth, Adult, or Challengers) and select an Article or Video from one of the twelve categories.

To become an e-Vine® Member and earn points, click on Login and then Register to Become a Member.

After reading an article or watching a video, participants will complete a quiz to test comprehension. Upon completion, a score will be visible. If a Member's score is 70 or above, points will be awarded. The number of points earned is commensurate with the score (score of 90 = 90 points).

If the quiz score was below 70, this message will appear:

"Oooops! Your score was ____. Let's try again!"

If the quiz score was 70 or above, this message will appear:

"Congratulations! You just earned ____ points!"

To attain a higher score (and additional points), Member may take the quiz a second time, but no more than twice. However, the questions will be scrambled (in a different order than before) so questions or answers cannot be easily memorized.

Members can click on My Account to view current points recently posted or to view Total Accumulated Points.

If Members began a quiz but did not complete it, the message Time Out will appear. If the quiz is not finished in a specified time limit, the message Incomplete Quiz will appear. An Incomplete Quiz may be completed at a later time.

All points will automatically post on Member's My Account page. Member will be asked to review a list of prizes, activities, and projects in "The Point Center." Earned points may then be applied to Points-for-Prizes, Points-for-Activities, Points-for-Projects, or simply retain new points in Total Accumulated Points.

To redeem earned points, Member may select a prize or activity of choice. Or, Member may opt to help fund a worthwhile community project for a non-profit organization, such as:

  • Day care; private school; after-school program
  • Public school; orphanage—inside and beyond the United States
  • Prison rehab center; homeless shelter
  • Drug and alcohol rehab center; shelter for abused women
  • Marriage restoration ministry; veterans rehab program
  • Growing an organic community garden
  • Food bank; feeding the hungry, etc.
  • Computers; printers; school supplies, etc.
  • Playground equipment; desks; kitchen equipment; etc.

(A designated committee will determine which community projects will be posted each month for consideration on the e-Vine® Home Page.)

Member may determine the amount of points to be applied to a certain Prize, Activity or Project. Points will be deducted from Total Accumulated Points and transferred to Member's preferred selection.

After a Member's points have been posted to the Prize, Activity or Project of their choice, the title of the article or video will be recorded in Member's Account Page to prevent repeated attempts for earning duplicate points.

Once the total number of points has been accumulated for a project, the name of that non-profit organization will be replaced with new project options for Members' consideration. A bank check (or items requested for the community project) will be mailed or delivered to that organization.

How to Calculate the Value of Points:

Each time e-Vine® Members read an article or watch a video and complete a quiz with a score of 70 or above, they have just earned points! If not satisfied with their score, Member may attempt to earn a higher score and additional points by repeating the quiz.

Based on receiving a score of 100 points per quiz, the metrics below indicate the number of points of successfully completed quizzes required to earn the Prize, Activity, or Project of choice:

1,000 points = 10 quizzes, or $50 value
2,000 points = 20 quizzes, or $100 value
5,000 points = 50 quizzes, or $250 value
10,000 points = 100 quizzes, or $500 value
20,000 points = 200 quizzes, or $1,000 value
50,000 points = 500 quizzes, or $2,500 value
100,000 points = 1,000 quizzes, or $5,000 value
200,000 points = 2,000 quizzes, or $10,000 value


If 100 people pass 10 quizzes @ 100 points = 100,000 points or $5,000

If 50 people pass 20 quizzes @ 100 points = 100,000 points or $5,000

Two Types of Funding are Required to Provide Prizes, Activities or Projects:

  1. Points (Member must complete a quiz to earn points)
  2. Financial Donations (corporations, organizations, and individuals will donate tax-deductible contributions to fund Prizes, Activities, and Projects)

To provide the necessary "financial donations," e-Vine® will continually search for donors who have caught our vision, such as:

  • e-VINE® website partners
  • corporations
  • churches
  • individuals
  • companies that manufacture items needed for projects, such as: computers, playground equipment, desks, school supplies, etc.

Benefits of the Point System:

Think of the possibilities here! A prize, activity, or worthwhile community project could motivate hundreds, perhaps thousands of students and adults to get involved!

Through this simple process, imagine the vast number of emails, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and text messages that will be sent to encourage friends, co-workers and family members to help someone win a prize or support an important project. As the spirit of giving becomes contagious, participants will want to support a worthwhile cause.

And all the while, Members are being personally enriched each time they earn points!