Mission Statement:

The key mission of e-Vine® Interactive Library is to encourage visitors of all ages to experience the joy of learning and productive living by offering an array of exciting, interactive publications— at no charge to the viewer.

Our Vision:

Far from housing dusty volumes on a bookshelf, e-Vine® (Ventures-In-Net-Education) is committed to provide online visitors of every age and ethnicity with numerous opportunities to learn and grow. Included in this unique library are thousands of articles, stories, lessons, poetry, recipes, videos, puppet shows, children's activities, and much more. Additional features provide audio enhancements to the text.

The contents of our library have a fresh appeal for children, youth, adults, and those with special needs (Challengers). But the ones we love to inspire are those who...

  • have very little time for reading.
  • have never learned to read.
  • do not enjoy reading.
  • want to learn English.
  • are dealing with BIG problems—and need some proven solutions.
  • are generous, loving supporters of nonprofit community projects.