Applications for projects will only be accepted from nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations. The point system will assist with purchase of needed equipment and supplies.

  • All projects require dual funding—both financial and accumulated points. Financial funding will be provided through tax-deductible donations contributed by businesses, individuals, or organizations.
  • Points can be earned by friends and families associated with the nonprofit organization—or any e-Vine® Member who wishes to contribute earned points.

When e-Vine® receives a Points-for-Projects application form, it must first be approved by an e-Vine® Project Committee. Once approved, the organization's name and project details will then be posted in the list of Project Candidates.

Project Candidates:

Potential donors may review the list of candidates to determine which particular cause they wish to support. Prior to contributing funds to a project candidate, a financial donor may wish to contact e-Vine® by phone or email for instructions.

Information Coming Soon...

When a Project Candidate has received sufficient financial contributions to finalize their project, the name will then be transferred to the list of Current Approved Projects.

Approved Projects:

Points cannot be applied to a project until the nonprofit organization's name has been transferred to the list of Current Approved Projects.

This list will contain no more than ten names of nonprofit organizations at a time, along with a brief description of the Project, website address, cost of Project, number of points required, number of points already applied, and number of points remaining.

After a project has been fully funded with finances and points, e-VINE® will issue a check (or ship equipment) to the nonprofit organization.