Application for a Community Project

(To be funded by e-Vine® Points-for-Projects Program)

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Guidelines for Organizations Applying for Funding

  1. For a full explanation of the Points-for-Projects program, click here.
  2. Projects to be funded must be for charitable, community, or educational purposes and approved by the e-Vine® Project Committee.
  3. Application must be written in English, have clarity, focus, and be the property of the participating organization.
  4. Project should be completed within 12 months from the date funds are disbursed.
  5. Projects must not discriminate against race, age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or religion.
  6. Projects must not involve or support lobbying, seeking to change laws, politics, or religious advocacy.
  7. Projects must not promote alcohol, tobacco, illegal or illicit drugs, firearms/weapons, prostitution, pornography, profanities, sexually explicit activities, or support abuse or violence.
  8. Grant funds must not be transferred from your organization to a third party individual or organization that has not been specified in this application.
  9. At the time of registration in this program, non-profit organizations must have a 501(c)(3) Letter of Determination from the IRS and submit a copy of that letter and your latest Form 990 (or audited financials if you have not yet filed a Form 990).
  10. A budget for the project must be submitted, with details about the proposed project activities and a plan for reporting milestones.
  11. A letter of endorsement must also be submitted from an objective third party (excluding staff, board, or family members), who is qualified to evaluate your organization and offer valid, verifiable rationale for awarding funds to complete your project.
  12. By submitting this application, the organization agrees that any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of or connected with their application, the Points-for-Projects program and/or any funding will be resolved individually, without resorting to any form of class action lawsuit.

I declare that I have read all the information provided in this proposal and attest that my answers are true and accurate and no information is false or misleading.

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