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The main way to gain attention for your online venture is to create accounts or pages on Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This will not only connect you with new prospects - it will also allow you to post about your new products or services. Here are some tips to help you gain (and keep) an organic social fan base.

Social Media


Social Network readers often comment on or Re-Tweet content rich posts. Make sure to Like, Re-Tweet or Plus what they write (even if negative). This let's others see that you are reading what users have written and acknowledge their post. Many Social Networks have built in administrative tools that allow you to hide negative posts in a non-evasive way. Usually the comment can be hidden to all but the commenter and his/her friends. Remember - never use profanity as it will resonate a non-professional environment.

Time is a Factor:

Don't overwhelm your audience. Facebook recommends you post at least once or twice a week to keep your readers engaged. Although this is a fine time-frame - it's best to post rich content (Pictures, Videos or Links) once a day. It can be hard to remember at first - so make it easy! Even certain times of the day are a factor into how successful your social presence is. Try to think about the schedule your readers might keep on a daily bases and post at times you will get maximum exposure. Although these times vary - usually good times are between 6:30 am and 10:00 am, also between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

Make It Easy:

There are many free apps and programs that will allow you to schedule posts ahead of time such as HootSuite or Twuffer. You can schedule hundreds of posts in advance with these wonderful time savers and some even offer the ability to auto-schedule posts. This means the program will figure an optimal time and/or date for the post(s).

Don't Fake It:

There are allot of scams to get more Followers, Fans and Circle dwellers out there for users desperate to build an audience. Although doing this will increase your count of followers or fans - it will not increase sales or interaction due to most being fake accounts. Plus, social networks usually include a free Ad Credit to newly created pages. When used properly (utilizing strict demographic narrowing) you can quickly build the ideal starter audience.