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How many of you have experienced a major lack of communication due to outsourcing? Almost ALL of our competitors outsource the web designs, logos and even book-keeping that is provided to their clients, but if you contact and ask them, they will claim to not do such things.


Apparently it is easier for some to have others (outside of the U.S.) do the work, they remain a middle man...and take your money without a problem. The worst part is, in most situations the client has no idea that the outsourcing is even happening.

Genemix NEVER outsources ANYTHING. Every idea, draft, website design, logo or bit of paperwork is done right here in Houston, Texas - U.S.A.

Give us a call at 281-860-2938 and get started on your website today! We're proud of our country and it's people. We believe there is talented designers all over the United States for any type of outsourcing to be taking place.