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Instead of shelling out allot of money for someone to keep your Social Media accounts up to date with posts and offers why don't you try these FREE easy steps to keep up with your accounts yourself. You'll never look at Social Media the same way again.

You may have read in a prior post of ours [Growing Social Audiences] about the use of Hootsuite. Hootsuite is an online tool that lets you wrangle up your Social Media accounts into one organized dashboard. You can post to multiple accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all at the same time or setup an infinite number of posts to be sent out to these accounts at sporadic times using the Auto Schedule feature. Best of all, to get started with Hootsuite, it’s free...and stays free. The drawback to the free version is you can only have three Social Media accounts set up so choose wisely. Click here to get started!

1) Select "Sign Up" from Hootsuite's home page and then choose your Hootsuite account type. Each tier offers more Social Media accounts that can be set up with it plus other added benefits. If you’re fine with just three accounts then I would choose the free route.

Hootsuite Sign Up and Select an Account Type

2) Now decide which Social Media account you would like to connect first. Usually you would want to start off with the account with the largest following. Select the account type, enter your credentials and allow Hootsuite to manage your selected account. Creating an account via email is a waste of time because you’ll be entering that later to set up your account.

Hootsuite Connect an Account

3) You then get to decide if you would like to continue and add more Social Profiles or continue and add them later. It’s best to add as many of your accounts as possible now rather than later when you’re ready to post content.

Hootsuite Connect Another Profile

4) After you’ve finished setting up your accounts and have authorized Hootsuite you can continue on and enter the proper information for your Hootsuite account and select a password. This area is important because you may have a business that you are setting Hootsuite up for so make sure to enter your business name and email address. Usually Hootsuite is pretty good about finding this stuff out and may have it entered for you properly already. Once ready click "Looks good, let's go!".

Hootsuite Complete Registration

5) Now you can create your first tab. Each tab can represent a Social Media account.

Hootsuite Create a Tab

6) Within each tab there are streams to choose from. Streams can represent your timeline, your posts, scheduled posts and more. Select your streams - but remember - keep it simple. Too many streams and you may get overwhelmed with scrolling back and forth. A good number of streams to have is three or four per tab.

Hootsuite Add Streams

7) Now you're ready to create your first post. The first thing you want to do is turn on Auto Scheduling. You can do this by hovering over the post area and selecting the calendar icon. Then type your post and Auto Schedule it.

Hootsuite Make a Post

That's it! Now you can create and schedule posts galore and you're doing it all by yourself. If you run into trouble Hootsuite has a Twitter account set up so you can handle problems on the fly (@Hootsuite_Help).